Royal escape to fairytales

There are more ways for me to escape from my own life when I need to. One of those things are royals. We always describe them as fairytales. They are expected to fulfill a picture we only know from stories. The prince and the princess. King and queen. And love, lots and lots of love. However, history has shown that it wasn’t always love between these characters. Money and power were mainly the reasons for royal marriages. This changed a little bit in the 20th century and more in 21st. Actually, the 21st century shows us that love can conquer all.

Our own king Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima are a great example of love, the fairytale and the dream. Their picture of them together at Royal Ascot and the Garterday is new proof that they still enjoy being together. Before this event, other special moments of them were shown at their state visit in Germany and their visit to Sevilla. In Germany they were pictured holding hands, which is apparently unique for royals. Sevilla was a special occasion as they visited the Feria 20 years after the Kind and Queen met each other. This year they visited Sevilla with their three daughters, Amalia, Alexia and Ariane. What a great way to celebrate love!

These are the pictures I enjoy watching all the time. Just to see two people, being in love, even after all those years. And thinking that fairytales do exist, even if it’s just in a picture.