Ivy ~ Changed behavior

That moment with him, changed everything for me. Not because of the flirtations, but because I never thought he would be that kind of man. Never have I met a person like that, let alone a flirtation with me. Call me naive and maybe I am. I was at that moment, but I wanted to forget and I felt safe.

His behavior made me angry and I pointed it out to him. He will never have a chance. Certainly not with me. So I made him uncomfortable. It was dangerous I know, but we were not alone. After that his son changed the day. He liked how I handled his father and he liked me.

Never would I have thought that would be the way to conquer the heart of the man I adored. Of course I know better, but love. Regardless of my own pain, I decided to jump again. And if I looked in his eyes, I knew it was the place where I should be.


Foto: by Verawaty

Creating a name for this blog was one of the struggles I was facing with. However, it was a creative struggle, which made it kind of fun. After a few name changes, it became the LVCH fairytales.

A name that was created while writing my poetry. First, it was all about love. Then it was all about Chaos, because love in my life is never an easy road. Chaos is the best word for it. After that, fairytales.

With fairytales, we enter the other meaning of LVCH, Love Child. This term says everything about me. Hoping to be a love child, not meant to be, born out of love. I hope, but I will never know.

I am adopted, and my true story will never be revealed. There we are. Love. Chaos. Love. Child. Fairytale. With the mystery of my being, my life sounds like a fairytale for some. At some moments, I see it this way myself. At some moments. I am sad and in pain.

I truly am trying to make the best out of the opportunities in front of me, but it’s never easy. Poetry and writing helps me to make this road more beautiful and escape in the fairytales of my own writings.

Always make the best of it. Turn your sorrows into love and beauty. Embrace love and chaos, together it can be the fairytale you never imagined.

~ Love, Verawaty ๐Ÿน