Ivy ~ Broken picture

Surprised I was by his adoration for me. Especially after all the tiring years I had. When I was at his parents house that day, I wasn’t even thinking about getting to know him.

Yes I adored him in my teenage years. However, years wentby and our paths never crossed so we couldn’t start anything. He was kind of a playboy and wasn’t looking for anything serious. I was and I thought to find the person to start a life with. Even though I was young. All my friends had serious boyfriends. I thought I’ve found mine to.

I was wrong. It was all wrong. He wanted me, but he didn’t want me. Just the outside. The picture. What I looked like. When I really needed him, he wasn’t ready to invest or be loyal. He looked away. So I left. He couldn’t choose me after a few of his friends attacked me. They were his friends. I probably made a mistake.

I left. But I was broken. Now I can’t believe love if it’s next to me. From anyone. My parents don’t know. Nobody does. Just me. And him. He’s gone. I am here, but I can’t see anymore.