Your own kind of brave ~ 💜

It’s difficult to understand why kindness is such an exception in this world. True kindness, pure, without just wanting a piece of someone but really respecting the other. In a world of accomplishments, wealth and assets we only see what we want to get and another has what we don’t. People long for the piece or the whole picture of something someone else has created instead of them and than a war emerges. Small between friends, families of colleagues or big between companies, or countries. People want what someone else has and just being happy for each other seems an exception. Something to laugh about. Why do we laugh about love? Why do laugh away the kindness of this world? Why do we applause the bad? Which side do you choose? The side of possessions or love? It’s up to you, it’s up to us to choose our own kind of brave after 2020. 💜

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