Pure consequences ~ 🌺

She was always thinking about what could be. The consequences of her thoughts. The consequences of her choices. The consequences of her actions. Everything she did, always ended up in misery. All she wanted was to move forward. To follow the path of her heart, even though it wasn’t the familiar, it was good. And all the good she did, ended up in the worse. How she handled that, was up to her. Will she be like everyone else just to keep them silent? Or will she continue her own path, including all the misery? She knew the last thing was all she could, because it was pure. It was different. It was real. She was real. Forever.

~🌺~ #microfiction #microfictions #microfictionwriter #shortstory #heart #trueheart #pure #story #fiction #poetry #writer #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writers #writerslife

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