True acceptance ~ 🌸🙏🏽

How uncomfortable this posture may seem and feel for many, how comfortable I felt when I did this. I was surprised myself. Bending exercises always give me a good feeling, as if I feel safe in my own body again. That who I am is good and accepted. For me that feeling is uncomfortable, because I never felt accepted. Through yoga I was introduced to the true feeling of being accepted. Even though it’s just for a little while, for a couple of minutes, it’s better then nothing at all. That’s why the experience of yoga can make you feel so rich and free, as if it can give you something money can’t ever buy. When it comes to your soul, the result is priceless.

~ ✨🌷✨~

#yoga #healing #yogalife #posture #yogaposes #yogapractice #yogainspiration #yogajourney #yogatime #yogalove #yogalover #love #selflove #selfacceptance #selfacceptancejourney

One thought

  1. A better physical and mental health will always bring piece and acceptance.
    And a better psychic will always make you feel happy. 🙂


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