Sparkles and magic ~ 💟🌸

It’s difficult to find peace in a time of worries. You almost feel guilty when you relax. But it’s also beautiful when you think about giving and sharing your energy with the universe. Hoping we can create a better world. Hoping our loved ones will have a better day. Wishing your loved ones will overcome their daily struggles and find a new step in their wisdom. Life is all about learning and development. Whether you like it or not. Some lessons however, I’d rather have skipped or missed. But there are lessons all of us need to face. It’s all about how we cope with it. Which path to choose. Do we choose love or hate. I try to choose love, but there are moments I am sad and angry. That’s okay, I must say. As long as I don’t hurt anybody, I can be sad. And when I end my yoga session I not only wish to relieve my own sadness but also for my loved ones. Life is better when we focus on the good in things, the sparkles and the magic. Because it is there, you just have to see it.

Namaste 🙏🏽

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