Emotional relief ~ 🐚

At some moments we need a break. From our daily activities, our worries, our mind and emotions. However, I always feel kind of guilty when I pause. Even when I am doing yoga. I always have the feeling I need to do something. But after my yoga exercise I experience a sense of freedom and relief. Not that all the other stuff has disappeared, but my own emotions seem more in balance and I feel more relaxed. We don’t need to be busy with everything that’s going on. Sometimes taking a pause or distance can give you more relief te handle everything. So later today, I will take my mat and do another yoga practice. Namaste ~ 🐚🕉🐚~ #yoga #relief #stressrelief #yogaandstrength #strength #emotions #yinyoga #yinyogapose #yogalove #yogalover #yogalife #yogalifestyle

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