A new flow

I am happy to feel the yoga flow again. After a break from 6 months I finally feel the need for yoga exercises, inspiration and philosophy. Apparently it was to much for me but now I listen to what my body and mind ask from me. Next to yoga it’s also the need for other food, healthier. I was working on this last year, but somehow I couldn’t anymore. I was still aware of my food habits but not the way I was last year. This year it will be different and also because I want to. Not because I want to be like somebody else who live healthy, but I want to live healthy myself. That’s a difference and sometimes you need a break from all new you are learning to discover it’s really who and how you want to be. Let’s wait and see now how everything will enfold ~ 💚🌸💚~ #yoga #yogasoul #soul #soulful_moments #yogaandsoul #yogainspiration #yogainstagram

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