It’s the act that matters

Last week it was announced that Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is filing a lawsuit against the press. This concerns the bad media behavior when it comes to his wife Meghan. Of course this announcement has caused a lot of reactions, mainly the media. To my opinion some reactions show the urgency of his action. That the media is taken their role to far and they don’t know when enough is enough.

The Dutch Mediacode

This is the reason why the Dutch royal family has introduced the ‘Mediacode’ in the Netherlands. It’s a code for the Dutch press to respect the privacy of the royal family. Which means not taking and selling any pictures or other footages when it comes to the family of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.

It may not be a code the Dutch press is happy about, but they handle it with respect and they know there will be consequences when they act against this Mediacode. This means that the children of the Dutch King and Queen can live their lives in privacy and as normal as possible in their situation.

Time for action

Perhaps something like the Mediacode could be introduced for the British royal family, but I am sure there are specific reasons why this hasn’t happend yet, unless the sad death of Princess Diana years ago. A loss the whole world grieved about, especially her sons William and Harry. So I think it’s no more than reasonable for Prince Harry to take action. To protect his wife and family for the media who has lost al dignity when it comes to the royal family, to their own profession and to all human beings. No matter what the outcome may be of this lawsuit, it’s the act that counts. Not only the press, not only the people but also his wife and son will always know he stood up for them.

Image ~ 📸 ~ Instagram @Sussexroyal

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