Believe in each other 💚

We all have those moments we lose the ability to believe in ourselves. To keep going and show the world our worth. Sadly on those days, we just can’t see what we are able to, even if there is so much to give. Luckily there are organizations who help those people, in this case women, who have lost their worth due to various reasons and circumstances. The Duchess of Sussex has taken her role to support this organization who helps this group of women to find their way back in society again. By dressing and coaching them, they make sure the women feel better about themselves and to find a new job that makes them happy. We should do this more often. Encourage each other. Help each other find ourselves when we lost it. It’s not easy, but sometimes we just need a friend or family to say: you’re great, you look good, take care of yourself and what do you need to get back on your feet again. Of course I have those days myself. I try to be positive and to be hopeful, but trust me, it’s not a natural thing to do. At those moments I have people around me who encourage me, love me and believe in me. If you don’t have this support system, it’s very difficult to find your strength again. That is why organizations like Smart Works are so important. Because we all are and they make sure we all can contribute to this world in the best way we can. ~ 💗🌸~

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