The right time, the right vlog?

There are choices we are always waiting for. The right moment. The right guy. The right house. The right job. When do we know it’s right? We don’t? As many often say, in some situations we have to jump. There is no right time or place. For many, it’s having kids, getting married, having another kid, getting a new job. Or, like me, announcing your YouTube channel. To be honest, it feels embarrassing as I don’t like seeing myself on camera. But I do enjoy making the videos. Weirdly enough I feel better, so that’s why I decide to announce it on my Instagram and website. You can find 10 videos now and I will make more. I enjoy it and it helps me finding the voice I lost years ago. Next to that I have that deep wish inside me, that one day someone will see my picture and say, see looks like the daughter I’ve lost years ago. You never know, a girl can dream and hope, and enjoy herself in between ~ see link to my YouTube channel Verawati C


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