Watching ~ The Last Czars

This week I discovered the new Netflix serie The Last Czars. It immediately took me in the world of the Russian empire and their aristocrats in the beginning of the 20thcentury. The term ‘czar’ or ‘tsar’ was known for me, but I never really understood what it really was. Now I know the tasr has the ultimate power over everything, church, politics and army. The tsar title was usually used in the Eastern European monarchies like Bulgaria and Russia. 

The Last Czars tells the story about the late tsar Nicholas II. He and his family are known for their tragic death in 1918. An execution performed by the Bolshevik guards of the house where they were imprisoned after Nicholas II abdicated in 1917. It took almost 7 to 8 decennia to find all the remains of the imperial family.

Now writing this story it still gives me the chills, for many reasons. Next to Nicholas himself, also his wife Alexandria and their children Olga, Tatjana, Maria, Anastasia and Aleksej were killed in 1918. I have seen movies and documentaries and the reconstruction of their execution always scared me. 

Watching the Netflix series also taught me more about the history of Russia and gave me an insight of the aristocratic environment in this country during that time. It was really interesting and it is a show I can watch repeatedly. Not because of the beauty of the palaces or the great dresses the women wear. It also teaches me about society. How necessary it is to change, for all of us. Even though people around us don’t understand this change. 

When I watch this show, I believe Nicholas trusted the wrong people and held on to tradition because those people and traditions were all he knew. We fight change, but sometimes change is improvement to keep what’s so important. For that reason, this is a show that must be seen. We all go through changes, sometimes without even wanting them. Watching The Last Czars made me realize that living in a palace isn’t a guarantee for happiness and we need more than wealth alone to survive in this world, rich and poor.

Source image: Netflix

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