Not perfect, just better

Today I was thinking about the unnatural feeling of balance. When we try to heal, we enter a stage that could be more healthy. However, the unfamiliarity can make this feeling uncomfortable. With the risk we can fall back in our previous unhealthy behaviors.

Since a couple of weeks I am trying to eat more healthy. Be more aware about my schedules and yoga exercises. I feel better in a way. For example, I do not have the stomach aches I had before. So it seems that my new food habits are better for my indigestion. Furthermore, it seems I am more balanced mentally. It’s not perfect, just better. I must admit that.

Unfortunately, the anxiety doesn’t go away, I can control it more. I am aware. At this moment, when I am writing this piece, I have a headache. A headache that’s there for like a month. I am used to it now. In the past, I quit doing the healthy stuff. With the idea, that it didn’t work anyhow. Now I want to continue what I am doing, because it can get me at a place that could be better for me. Whether it’s for work or personally, eating healthy and training focused, can contribute to a new and better lifestyle in the longer term.

Ladies like Layla and Jacky are also unfamiliar with positivity. Layla doesn’t know what to do now, when she has a great assignment ahead of her. She has the chance of a lifetime. Jacky has found the lover of her life. Both are afraid of the happiness in their lives. They accept it with all tears and pain, but they continue. They know this positivity can be a contribution for them for a lifetime.

So even though this good that is happening to you feels unnatural. It can be a good thing. It could be the reason to hold on to a better lifestyle, to take you to a better place. And if you can’t see that better place, just see where you are now. The good thing that is in front of you. It could be the reason to keep going, so this good thing can turn into something wonderful.

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