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This website is like my public diary. Everything I write is written from my heart and soul. Whether it is a fictional story, a short blog or my poetry. It’s all me. It’s all Vera. Or Verawaty. Or Pherawaty. It’s all me. That is why I can be proud on this website. It’s my accomplishment. Which is also the scary part. Everyone can read what went through my mind.

How can I write about sadness and grief? How can I write about love and deceit? Did I experience it? And how did I experience it? As the victim? Or was I the cause?

Neither of those questions will be answered. It will take all the mystery away that makes me me. Little by little I will unravel some elements. You have to read further than the words, sentences and chapters on my website. The LVCH fairytales. LVCH Magazine I should call it.

Not a website, but a magazine. I have to name it, to believe it. The LVCH Magazine is full of mystery, beauty and courage. All characters are women to be proud of. Women you want to be. With their mysteries and their flaws. I can say, they are all part of me. With them I show you pieces from my puzzle. If you find them, tell me. I don’t have the original picture for you. It’s on me and you to create the whole image, that’s called me.

🌸💋 Verawaty

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