Ivy ~ Be Better

The best way to heal is to be better. Than who you were and who you were with. If a person was responsible for the hurt in you, be better. It’s a beautiful and idealistic wisdom, but tiring to succeed in.

This I experience everyday. Each day I try to defeat myself and the people around me. My family, their friends, my friends.

Just a year ago I experienced an attack of one of my ex’ closest friends. It turned out to be a set up by my then mother in law. My boyfriend at that time was not at home for a week. During those days I was alone. Afraid to call anyone. I hoped that time would heal me or free me from my wounds.

It became the first. My wounds healed, but it freed me from my relationship.

Nobody knows. Not even my parents. Nobody will know. Because someday I want to be better than the people who hurt me. There are more and I will conquer them. Some how, some day and I won’t give up. I can’t, that’s not Ivy.

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