Ivy ~ Changed behavior

That moment with him, changed everything for me. Not because of the flirtations, but because I never thought he would be that kind of man. Never have I met a person like that, let alone a flirtation with me. Call me naive and maybe I am. I was at that moment, but I wanted to forget and I felt safe.

His behavior made me angry and I pointed it out to him. He will never have a chance. Certainly not with me. So I made him uncomfortable. It was dangerous I know, but we were not alone. After that his son changed the day. He liked how I handled his father and he liked me.

Never would I have thought that would be the way to conquer the heart of the man I adored. Of course I know better, but love. Regardless of my own pain, I decided to jump again. And if I looked in his eyes, I knew it was the place where I should be.

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